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SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY, KOLHAPURCENTRE FOR DIST ANCE EDUCATIONM. A. P art-I : EnglishSemester-I : P aper C-3Introduction to Modern LinguisticsSemester-II : P aper C-5Fiction in English : Modern andPost Modern Fiction(Academic Year 2018-19 onwards)H IK J1UNIT - 1NATURE, SCOPE AND BRANCHES OFLINGUISTICS1.1 IntroductionLanguage is the quickest tool of communication used by humanbeings. It comes to most of the human beings quite naturally and effortlesslythough it is not instinctive. It is not instinctive because it does not come bybirth. It is acquired by humans in the initial stages of their physical andmental development. It can be acquired at any stage of development but itneeds special efforts on the part of the learner except in case of the languagein practice around them.Languages change from place to place. If it is a continuous continentalplace, the changes are identifiable but if the locations are totally different, thelanguages may be totally disconnected. Linguists all over the wor...