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1 9Oct18 MA in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) List of course summaries: TSL 501 Fundamental Aspects of Language Structure This course provides students with insights into the key concepts of English grammar and morphology. These concepts are fundamental to an understanding of the salient features of the structure of the English language. Finally, the grammatical analysis of learner language and of local varieties of English is foregrounded and examined in relation to the issue of second language teaching. TSL 503 Fundamental Aspects of Language Meaning This course provides students with an overview of the study of semantics and pragmatics. The core theories and concepts are examined critically, with emphasis on those aspects of meaning of direct relevance to language learning. The course will also examine current trends in research in selected areas of semantics and pragmatics, and consider their implications for language learning and teaching. TSL 505 Sociolinguistics and Education This ...