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ITTE 1926-1938 IldiledIlf Anne Umland t~,;tl. e64al/'> '-!f stephanie D'Alessandro Michel Draguet and Claude Goormans Josef Helfenstein with Clare Elliott and Anne Umland The Museum of Modern Art, New York " H S IS HOW MA_.... LS GI "~UtilJpA 1926-192J Anne Umland "'-.. \""'-~""" ....... \ ... " >~ )' i. ...... \ Figure 1. Rene Magritte. Detail of Le Jockey perdu (The LostJockey). 1926 (see plate 4) --. On Saturday, April 23, 1927, Rene Magritte's first one-person exhibition opened in Brussels at the elegant, newly redesigned Galerie Le Centaure, located at 62, avenue Louise, one of the city's most fashionable streets.' The show featured forty-nine paintings and twelve papiers colles, all produced since January J926, around the time ,,,then the artist's contract with the gallerist and avant-garde impresario Paul-Gustave Van Hecke had begun: Although the local reviews were genera]]y unfavorable, the exhibition launched Magritte's career as Brussels's leading-in fact only-Surrealist pain...