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University Core and Graduation RequirementsUniversity Core Requirements:Requirements#ClassesHoursClassesReligion CornerstonesTeachings and Doctrine of The Book ofMormon12.0REL A 275Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel12.0REL A 250Foundations of the Restoration12.0REL C 225The Eternal Family12.0REL C 200The Individual and SocietyAmerican Heritage1-23-6.0(POLI 110* or 210*) +ECON 110*recommendedGlobal and Cultural Awareness13.0POLI 150*, 170*, orother approved upper-division electives*SkillsFirst Year Writing13.0WRTG 150recommendedAdvanced Written and Oral Communications27.0POLI 200* + (POLI 400*or 410* or 430* or 450*or 470*)Quantitative Reasoning0-10–3.0from approved listLanguages of Learning (Math or Language)14.0POLI 328*Arts, Letters, and SciencesCivilization 113.0POLI 201Civilization 213.0POLI 202*Arts13.0from approved listLetters13.0POLI 202*Biological Science13–4.0from approved listPhysical Science1-23–7.0from approved listSocial Science13.0POLI 110*, 150*, 170*,or 328*Core En...