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MAKING THE CASE®Making TMS anEnterprise PriorityCMYK MAKING THE CASEMAKING TMS AN ENTERPRISE PRIORITYwww.manh.com • Manhattan Associates • 32 • Manhattan Associates • www.manh.comMAKING THE CASEMAKING TMS AN ENTERPRISE PRIORITYHIGH ORDER VELOCITY, the growth of e-commerce, tight expectations from customers, and the “Amazon effect” are all pushing companies to question the way they handle transportation management, meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, and streamline their end-to-end supply chains. Many of these firms find the answers they’re looking for in transportation management systems (TMS). And while any software implementation can present new challenges to overcome and hurdles to jump, most companies will admit that the return on investment (ROI) associated with TMS far outweighs the obstacles. Best known for their optimization, routing, carrier selection, load tendering, and freight audit and payment capabilities, these technology platforms have been used for decades. ...