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BAMALAY LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE(PART-TIME PROGRAMME)SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES ANDBEHAVIOURAL SCIENCESUndergraduate Programmes2022 Programme OverviewThe curriculum of this programme focuses on two major fields in the study of the Malay language: namely its linguistics and literature within the context of the Malays and their society. Students can expect to develop knowledge in key areas in linguistics such as grammar, phonetics, semantics and discourse analysis. The linguistics component will explore key areas in the study of the Malay language, with a focus on the application of systemic analysis of linguistic data and application of theoretical linguistic concepts in explaining the Malay language. The literature thrust of the programme will provide students with an overview of literature in Malay as well as train them to appreciate the importance of literature in language teaching.You may pursue Malay Language and Literature as a single subject or in combination with a minor.Please refer to...