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HYPERREALISMThe artist as an illusionistMarc SIJAN RobertoBERNARDI 23PRE-FACEHYPERREALISMThe artist as an illusionistHyperrealistic artworks take a step forward to simulate life and more, unlocking the boundaries that bind art and the illusion of reality. Marc Sijan and Roberto Bernardi are exemplary artists who cleverly portray realism in ways that aim at revealing rather than concealing whilst inviting you to enter and celebrate the illusion of reality at its highest levels. Marc Sijan’s hyperrealistic sculptures fascinate even the most detached audience. With predecessors like Duane Hanson or John De Andrea, Marc Sijan has imposed himself as a must-see hyperrealist sculptor of our times. Mirror like images resembling anatomies of the human figure are depicted in various subjects that capture life and form in essence. A moment in time, an expression, an inspired motion, Sijan’s life-sized sculptures conjure an evocation of vulnerability and summon an investigative response. Interpret...