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March 16, 2020 Dear Colleagues, I send my warmest wishes in this time of great concern. I hope you and your families will be well, and that we can all invent new ways to be social and make community despite our separation. I appreciate your concern for our students and our collective wellbeing. I write to confirm what you know, that ER&M offices are closed and we will be conducting all courses, advising, and meetings online. Tanja, Ana, and I are in conversation about how we can support our students, particularly the seniors. Please be in touch to share information with us, to inform us of any concerns about students, or to consult about courses. I will write next week to ask for ideas about how we can set up special events online and how we can celebrate our seniors if we are unable to gather on campus in May. Our colleagues at the Porvoo Center for Teaching and Learning have sent messages with guidelines and information about how to restructure courses and provide continuity. You can...