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© Nature Publishing Group19651022 NATURE March 6, 1965 voi.. 20s amounts of labelled adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and guanosine diphosphate (GDP) were also observed. Further on, a large labelled peak was eluted after GTP. It_ contained adenosine, and could possibly be identical with the ATP-2,3-diphosphoglycerate complex described by Hashimoto and Yoshikawa16• Quite unexpectedly, a large quantity of 32P was eluted from the 'Dowex-1' column, despite preliminary separation by filtration on the 'S~phadex G-25' column. The reason for the appearance of this ••p peak is not clear. When the labelled lipoprotein complex was precipitated directly by TOA, without previous incubation with TOA-soluble nucleotides from t~e red-cell haemolysate, the same labelling pattern of slightly ultra-violet-absorbing peaks appeared on the 'Dowex-1' column chromatogram17• The small amounts o_f material available did not permit any closer identifica-tion. Another interesting observation was made when the lipoprot...