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14Iconic BuildingsSeriesMarina Bay Sands HotelVojtěch Petrík, [email protected] Bay Sands is a multi-purpose building complex in Singapore consisting of a hotel with 2,560 rooms, a congress centre, shopping centre, two theatres, several restaurants, a museum and a casino. The prominent feature of the whole complex are three parallel towers with the height of 195 m connected by a terrace in the form of a boat with the length of 340 metres. The construction of the whole complex amounted to 5.7 billion dollars and, at its time, it was the most expensive building in the world.The building was designed by Moshe Safdie who comes originally from Israel. He is an internationally respected architect, whose name is signed under projects such as the library building in American Salt Lake City and the Yad Vashem Museum of the Holocaust in Israel. He aimed to design a public place where people could meet and that would remind them of Singapore culture, climate and modern life. ...