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Photo credit: Aaron DufaultAre you interested in studying marine biology at the University of Washington (UW)? The UW currently offers a minor in marine biology. Students are encouraged to declare the marine biology minor during their freshmen or sophomore years and immediately join a community of researchers and students interested in marine organisms, ecosystems, and conservation. All marine biology minors participate in hands-on learning in tandem with their coursework through labs and fieldtrips, research with faculty, and other exciting opportunities. The minor combines courses from three UW departments and our marine station on San Juan Island:OceAnOgrAphy studies the marine environment and its inter-actions with the earth, the biosphere, and the atmosphere. The field examines the larger picture of the marine world, the global processes governing the distribution, abundances, and interactions of life, chemicals, geological formations, and motion in the seas.AquAtic & Fishery scie...