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2/2000 • Page 7A U S T R A L I A N U N I V E R S I T I E S ’ R E V I E WMarketisation and the new quality agenda:postgraduate courseworkat the crossroadsB RADLEY S MITH AND M ARK F RANKLANDCouncil of Australian Postgraduate AssociationsIntroductionDeregulation and competitive market conditions are heldby the Minister, Dr Kemp, and some vice-chancellors andcommentators, as the only viable policy for addressing theacute resourcing difficulties of Australian universities. Thecore of the deregulationist argument in respect of studentsis that higher education confers a significant privatebenefit. Thus, students should ‘invest’ in their access tofuture wealth. 1The consequences of marketisation on postgraduatecoursework are a salutary reminder of the limitations ofderegulation. The ‘market’ emerged as the primary organ-isational principle in postgraduate coursework educationbetween 1989 and 1994 under the ALP. Intensified mar-ketisation under the Coalition in the form of the cutting ofthe bu...