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corelogic.comVALUATION SOLUTIONSMarshall & Swift® Valuation Platform OnlineThe Most Comprehensive Cost Approach SaaS Web Service for Mass AppraisalsProviding the same algorithms and methodologies used in the flagship Marshall & Swift® Valuation Service and Residential Cost Handbook, the Marshall & Swift Valuation Platform Online (MSVPO) seamlessly integrates with Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) systems via web services hosted by CoreLogic®. Clients now have easier access to our real property valuation solutions via web services provided by CoreLogic instead of traditional installation methods. This means cost updates can now be made available via web services, saving time, additional hardware expense and staffing needs to perform these deployments. Designed through extensive collaboration with valuation industry thought leaders and the finest mass appraisal use and integration experts, MSVPO consists of a set of innovative cost calculation engines. These proprietary engines con...