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Department of Political ScienceCollege of Letters and ScienceUniversity of California, Santa Barbarahttp://polsci.ucsb.eduStudent Name: Perm: __________________MASTER OF ARTS (M.A.)POLITICAL SCIENCE – 2022-23In addition to departmental requirements, candidates for graduate degrees must fulfill University requirementsdescribed in the “Graduate Education” section of the UCSB General Catalog.Master of Arts – Plan I: Thesis and Plan II: Comprehensive Examination or ProjectThe Master’s degree is not designed as a terminal professional degree, but as an interim step toward the Ph.D.degree.The unit requirement for a Master’s degree – Plan I: Thesis is 36.0 units. At least 24 of the 36 units mustbe in graduate seminars in Political Science. Students must take a minimum of three seminars each fromthree fields. The thesis itself is a major scholarly undertaking reflecting extensive research and originalanalysis. It is prepared under the supervision of a faculty committee with which the candidate...