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Star Channel is available through SkyPerfecTV! and most local cable stations. http://star-ch.jpGO FOR THE PACKAGE OF THREE BS* CHAN- NELS IN HD, WITH 5.1 CH. SURROUND SOUND –ALL MOVIE FANS’ BEST CHOICE! *Broadcast satelliteSTAR CHANNEL 3STAR CHANNEL 3 is Japan’s only channel specializing in japanese-dubbed movies and a round-the-clock movie channel focusing on megahits and the latest TV series.STAR CHANNEL INC.PHONE : 0570-013-111 OR 044-540-0809Please refer to our privacy policy on our website before calling us.Your inquiry will constitute your consent to the terms thereof.[privacy policy] http://star-ch.jp/privacy/ (in JAPANESE ONLY.)Please be advised that HD broadcasting and 5.1-channel surround soundmight be unavailable depending on your configuration.NOTES:[J ] = in Japanese[B] = bilingual[Sub] = Subtitled in Japanese * = Free-to-view (non-scrambled)[3D] = HD devices, a 3D-com- pliant TV set and 3D glasses are required to enjoy 3D shows.S.P.: Special ProgramMAY 2019MON. 6 7:00 am ...