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Breakthrough ProgramInfectionPreventionSupporting Healthier Communities Since 1973 Welcome to MCL0304060809101213MCL is a global leader in infection prevention, oering customized solutions, expert training programs and cutting edge products. MCL’s equipment and technology will ensure your workplace, home and facilities are clean, sustainable and healthy.There are a lot of aspects of life that have changed since COVID-19 entered our world.Learn how we support healthier communitieswith the products and services we provide for your best cleaning practices.AdvancedTechnologyFaceMasksVaccinationProduct SolutionsElectrostaticSprayers & FoggersProfessional& Service RobotsAntibacterialBathroom SolutionsDisinfectionand Protective EquipmentClientReviewsmclgreen.ca02 TechnologyAdvancedThermalGuardCleanslateUVLucidDroneCleanSlate UV technology uses rapid 360º sanitization proven to kill at least 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses.> $7,950.00 each or $143.10 / monthD1 Disinfecting Drone oe...