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Handheld CompatibilityContinuing developments allow for more and more technology to be placed, literally, in the hands of public safety professionals. ADSi’s Mobile Data Solutions work well within the Windows Mobile OS (v.5 or later), and with a device* equipped with a mag-stripe/barcode scanner, information can be “at the fingertips” of the professional on the street.* Functionality available only with certain certified devices. Contact ADSi for specifics.ADSi offers CADForce for dispatch operations (Fire, LE, EMS), designed to help coordinate field personnel and manage resources. ADSi understands that with CAD, “downtime is not an option,” so CADForce is designed for maximum uptime and dependability.DataForce Web ADSi’s state-of-the-art Record Management System, continues to provide all the functions you might expect from an electronic “filing cabinet,” such as secure and dependable record storage and retrieval, enhancing your agencies effectiveness in the court room. However, ADSi h...