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10SUNDAY PROPERTYSunday Independent 31 January 2016CASE STUDYHOW ONE COUPLE FLOOD-PROOFED THEIR PROPERTYFOCUS ON FLOODINGBACK in 2011, Mike Roche and Paula Rus-sell were living on the upper two floors of their house in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, and using the basement, which was laid out as a separate, self-contained flat, for storage. “We were flooded a couple of times,” says Roche, “but the worst was in 2011. There was a couple of feet of water down there. The houses were built some time between 1790 and 1803 and the floor tiles were placed directly on the earth, so essentially the houses have no foundations. We had the utility room down there, but basical-ly we were using it as dump space, so it wasn’t hugely disruptive. The water came in through the walls, stayed there for a bit, dropped again and went away after about a day-and-a-half. We put dehumidifiers in afterwards, and there was damage to the plaster and skirting. We didn’t claim on our insurance as we were about to start renov...