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Media and Entrepreneurship:A Survey of the Literature Relating Both Concepts *Min Hang**Media Management and Transformation CentreJönköping International Business SchoolAldo van WeezelMedia Management and Transformation CentreJönköping International Business SchoolAbstractAs a scientific field of research, entrepreneurship has strong relevance tomedia. On the one hand, the entrepreneurship phenomenon heavily impactmedia industries as long as they, in their very nature, fall into the culture andcreativity-related businesses. The es sential characteristics of theentrepreneurial activities su ch as creation, innovation and novel ways ofthinking are critical in building media business success. On the other hand,media also play an important role in influencing the entrepreneurshipphenomenon, by creating a discourse that transmits values and imagesascribed to entrepreneurship, by providing a carrier promoting entrepreneurialpractices, and by encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in the socie...