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GBM GBM MANUFACTURING INCORPORATED Unleash Your Mind California Head Office 1188 S Airport Way Stockton, CA 95205 Texas Distribution Center 3835 Gulfway Drive Port Arthur, TX 77642 Florida Distribution Center 924 Lane Avenue North Jacksonville, FL 32254 1 (888) 862-8397 Toll Free 1 (888) 868-9887 Fax www.GBMglass.com GBM GBM METAL MOSAIC INSTALLATION GUIDE Recommended Tools & Materials  Metal Tile with 10-15% overage for design cuts and patterns  Mortar/Adhesive  Non-sanded grout (may be optional)  5/32" V-notch trowel for applying mortar or a similar size  A rubber grout float.  Clean sponges or cheese cloth towel  Two or three buckets, for water mixing the mortar and grout.  A wet tile saw / motorized tile cutter if there are any cuts to be made around certain obstacles. (Most stainless steel is a ceramic base with a metal cap)  OPTIONAL - A flat wood block (a 2x4 around 6" to 12" long works well) and a hammer or mallet. Step 1- Inspect the tiles for damages and defects and ...