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CSC302 Engineering Large Software Systems page 1/7 Faculty of Arts and Science University of Toronto Midterm Test Department: Computer Science Instructor: Steve Easterbrook Date and Time: 10:10am, Thurs 28th Feb, 2008 Conditions: Closed Book Duration: 50 minutes This test counts for 20% of your final grade Name:_______________________________________________________ (Please underline last name) Student Number:_______________________________________________ Question Marks 1______________/20 2______________/20 3______________/20 4______________/20 Total___________/80 = _________% CSC302 Engineering Large Software Systems page 2/7 1. [Short Questions; 20 marks total] (a) [Conway’s Law – 5 marks] Conway’s law states that the structure of a large software system will reflect the structure of the organization that built it. Why does this happen, and what clues does it give us about how to organize large software development teams? Conway’s law works because software design is a knowledge-int...