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FOUNDATIONS OF INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION MMC5708, Class # 16067 Fall 2021 3 Credits Monday 4:05 p.m. - 7:05 p.m. (9th to 11th periods) Instructor: Professor Michael Leslie, Ph.D. Co-Instructor/TA: Ernest Makata, M.A. E-mail: use Canvas email Office Hours: T 2:00- 4:00, by appointment INTRODUCTION The study of intercultural communication is often approached from a social- psychological perspective. Although that perspective has yielded many important ideas about intercultural communication, the historical, interpretive and critical perspectives also contribute to our understanding of our subject, particularly in acknowledging the influence of context and power in intercultural interactions. Through your participation in this course, you will come to appreciate the complexity in intercultural interactions and increase your intercultural communication competence. STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES During this course, you will: 1. Become familiar with the study of intercultural communication fr...