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FORM MO-1120SGENERAL INFORMATIONThis information is for guidance only and does not state the complete law. FILING REQUIREMENTS FOR FORM MO-1120SEvery S-Corporation must file Form MO-1120S if they file Federal Form 1120S and the S-Corporation has: 1) a shareholder that is a Missouri resident; or 2) any income derived from Missouri sources (Section 143.471, RSMo). Attach a copy of Federal Form 1120S and all Schedule K-1(s). ADMINISTRATIVE DISSOLUTIONIf a corporation that is required to file income tax, fails to file within 90 days from the original due date (or 90 days from the extension due date), it shall forfeit its charter (or Certificate of Authority for a foreign corporation) in this state under the provisions of Section 351.486 and 351.602, RSMo.MISSOURI REGISTRATIONEvery S-Corporation must register with the Department of Revenue to receive a Missouri Tax Identification Num ber. To register visit our website at dor.mo.gov/register-business/, call Business Registration at (573) 751...