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UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS AND OUTREACHUniversity Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JDModern Languages and Linguistics Information Sheet for entry in 2021This course allows students to study one modern language in depth together withlinguistics, the study of language itself. Part of your course will consist of developing yourpractical language skills to a high level, and you will also explore the literature and culture ofthe relevant language (see Modern Languages).In your study of linguistics, you will be introduced to the analysis of the nature and structureof human language (including topics such as how words and sentences are formed, how wemake and hear sounds, how languages change and vary and how language is organised inthe brain) and you will apply these ideas to the study of your chosen language.The University has particular expertise in general linguistics, phonetics, phonology, syntaxand semantics, psycholinguistics and in the history and structure of many individualEurop...