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Modern trucking companies are swimming in data collected by their onboard technology and back-office software, but fleet managers are using a variety of strategies to utilize that information for driver coaching and other business improvements. “The amount of data enhances your ability to do coaching; the challenge is to bring it together in a way that can help you review it quickly,” said Transport America Inc. Chief Information Officer Tom Benusa. “Pulling it manually doesn’t effectively combine the different events that you can track.” The key, Benusa said, is looking at information holistically. “One hard-braking event in a day doesn’t mean as much as two to three hard-braking events in a week,” he said. “When you combine that with other data, you start to find those drivers that need mentoring.” Transport America, based in Eagan, Minn., combines safety-related events with miles driven, for example. “That seems to level it out so you’re not seeing a spike from someone who has 10,00...