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Module 7 Life Skills Module 7: Life Skills 7-1 FLOW CHART Content Flow at A Glance Module 7: Life Skills Subject/topic/activity Objective Page No. Reading material on the basic concept of “life skills.” To introduce the concept of ”life skills” through a question answer section. 7-2 to 7-5 Exercise – What skills do I have? To explore the concept of life skills in day-to-day life. 7- 6 to 7-7 Exercise – Analyzing the matrix. To know the importance of life skills in our lives. 7-8 to 7-9 Exercise – Skills I need. To learn about the essential skills required for protection against HIV/AIDS and STDs. 7- 10 Module 7: Life Skills 7-2 Module 7 Life Skills “Know thyself” Socrates I What are Life Skills? he World Health Organization has defined life skills as, "the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life". UNICEF defines life skills as “a behaviour change or behaviour development approach designed...