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Daily Activities Schedule Is Subject To Change. Check with concierge for changes that may occur. Concierge- 202-349-3400, Jordan Asrat ~ Director of Activities ~ 202- 660-7881 ~ Email- [email protected] MASK IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL ACTIVITIES. (Please ask your Care Manager if you need a mask) Commons (A) = Movie Side & Commons (B) = Piano Side Monday, November 22, 2021 ❖ 10:00am Coffee and Muffins *Bistro ▪ Current Event ❖ 11:00am Balance and Motion with Michael *Commons (A) Michael Rosengart NCSF Certified Personal Trainer. Strength Coach, Prehab Specialist ❖ 2:000m “The Vietnam War” *Commons (A) A Film by Ken Burns Vietnamese revolutionaries led by Ho Chi Minh end nearly a century of French colonial occupation. Vietnam is divided in two. Communists in the North aim to reunify the country, while America supports Diem’s untested regime in the South. (1 season and 10 Episodes) Episode 2 - Riding the Tiger (1961-1963) o 2017. 1hr, 23 min o Genres Documentary, Special Interest ❖ ...