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EVER CHECKED YOUR BANK BALANCE AND WONDERED WHERE ON EARTH YOUR MONEY’S GONE?Sitting down with a pen and paper remains one of the easiest ways to work out exactly what you’re spending your cash on, and why your wallet might be a little lighter than you’d like at the end of the month. Simply fill in each part of the planner to get your monthly budget – you might be surprised where you can cut back on your spending!MONTHLYBUDGET PLANNERMY INCOMEWages:Child Benefits:Housing Benefits:Child Tax Credits:Partner’s Wages:Rental Income:Pension/Other Benefits:Other:I CAN’T AVOID PAYING FOR THESE (TOTAL MONTHLY SPEND)Rent/Mortgage:Water Rates:Court Fines:Council Tax:TV LicenseOther:I MIGHT BE ABLE TO CUT BACK ON SOME OF THESE…Home/Contents Insurance:Bank Fees:Gas/Electricity:Childcare:Phone:Broadband:Health Insurance:Arrears:Car Tax:Credit Cards:Furnishings/Appliances:Doctors:Maintenance and Home:Life Insurance:Car Payments:Vet/Pet Care:Diesel/Petrol:Student Loan:Bus/Taxi/Train Fare:Dentist:Other...