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AirSpace Movie Club: Superman Emily: ... by the way, America, he mentions that a couple of times, like, "I'm here to be this thing for America." Christopher Reeve: I'm here to fight for truth and justice the American way. Emily: And I was like, "He sent you to planet earth, aren't you supposed to be doing more international diplomacy?" Musical Intro Nick: Welcome to AirSpace from the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museums' homes. I'm Nick. Matt: I'm Matt. Emily: And I'm Emily. Nick: This is the second in our series where we watch movies and then break them down to discuss some of the real science, some of the real history, and a lot of just kind of what we all thought about it. We are still all at home looking for safe ways to fill the days while scrolling through endless streaming menus. And in this episode, we're rolling it back to 1978 with the first iteration of the Man of Steel on the big screen, Superman: The Movie, this was back when you had to put ": The Movie" after thin...