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The PioneerBy Tara EllicottStaff Writerriends with Money” is a comedy-drama about four female friends who have the typical problems of straight, mar-ried, upper-class white women.The movie centers on Olivia, played by Jennifer Aniston, the only character who does not reflect this demographic — at least not yet. As described by her friend Jane, played by Frances McDor-mand (“City by the Sea”), Olivia is “single, a pothead and a maid.”The movie consists of witty banter and gossip as the charac-ters meet to discuss their lives, exchange sarcastic remarks and chitchat with their spouses about their friends’ marriages and fi-nancial situations. Their words flow smoothly, exposing the com-plex dynamics of relationships among friends and spouses.It is apparent that the director and writer, Nicole Holofcener, is comfortable with and knowledge-able about this world, probably drawing on personal experience when she wrote the dialogue.But the movie does not push any boundaries. With television su...