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March 2022 CHAMPS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Vol.1The Paw Print Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim’s acclaimed two hour masterpiece is set in two parts: the initial, fair structured fairy tale that concludes with most pairs married and with child, and the blast back to reality in the second act, where the giant barrels through houses and princes cheat on their princesses. A joint effort between Theater, Vocal, and Dance Acade-mies brought together a return to form for the CHAMPS performing arts team with the pro-duction, casting a front and back of house team that shines in the face of its structural challeng-es. With ModOp a thing of the past, CHAMPS’ interdisciplinary productions have halted, especially with the introduction of COVID-19. Into the Woods provides a new arena for the performing arts academies to shine as a group, gathering its most talented actors, artists, dancers, and stagehands. It’s easy to see the talent coming from each and every perfomer on stage, but Jayla Br...