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*Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered by the College Board, whichis not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this website.Each prose passage is included in the following prompts, printed on separate pages for better use in theclassroom. None of the prompts are original to me, but are Advanced Placement® English Literatureand Composition Exam prompts. This is my best effort to comply with College Board’s userequirements.MsEffie’s Listof Prose Essay Promptsfor Advanced Placement® EnglishLiterature Exams, 1970- 2022*—~Above green-flashing plunges of a weir, 1 and fair setting—a terrible attraction. The Magneticshaken by the thunder below, lilies, golden and (45) Youth leaned round to note his proximity to thewhite, were swaying at anchor among the reeds. weir-piles, and beheld the sweet vision. StillerMeadow-sweet2 hung from the banks thick with‘ and stiller grew Nature, as at the meeting of two(5) weed and training bramble, and there also hung -‘ electric clouds. Her posture w...