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APPRAISAL TOOLKIT Multi-Source Feedback Clarity’s Appraisal Toolkit is a user-friendly, electronic solution that helps to strengthen the appraisal process in preparation for revalidation. With over a decade of experience in providing appraisal support, Clarity has produced an intuitive solution that ensures the appraisal process is quick, easy and also provides online and helpdesk support. The toolkit comprises of an online portfolio to store any useful land relevant appraisal documentation and a fully managed Multi-source Feedback application (online and paper-based), bringing two fundamental services into one toolkit. The Toolkit is kept up-to-date based on user input and feedback and the latest MAG, GMC and RST guidelines. Appraisal Toolkit provides a comprehensive Multi-Source Feedback tool that allows you to create feedback cycles for peers and patients. Results are collected, managed and collated by Clarity Informatics and published on the Toolkit when a cycle is complete. Online...