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ROOTSBackground InformationRoots are plant parts that grow downwardand, in most cases, anchor land plants inthe soil. Roots absorb water and dissolvednutrients and transport these to parts of theplant where they are needed. They do not,generally, produce leaves or buds.Most plants have roots, but there are someexceptions. The exceptions are bryophytesand the groups of green algae that areclassified as plants. Bryophytes have root-like structures called rhizoids for absorbingwater, but because rhizoids lack vasculartissue they are not considered roots.The first root of a plant, called the primaryroot, arises from a part of the seed calledthe radicle, and emerges when the seedgerminates— when it emerges from itsdormant state and begins to grow. As theroots develop, they form one of two typesof root systems:•A taproot system forms when the primaryroot grows directly down into the soil andbecomes the main root, or taproot.Smaller roots, known as secondary rootsor lateral roots, branch from...