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NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: WASTE ACT 59 OF 2008 (English text signed by the President) [Assented To: 6 March 2009] [Commencement Date: 1 July 2009 - unless otherwise indicated] [Proc. 34 / GG 32189 / 20090430] [Proc. 26 / GG 37547 / 20140411] as amended by: National Environment Laws Amendment Act 14 of 2013 [with effect from 24 July 2013] National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Act 26 of 2014 [with effect from 2 June 2014] ACT To reform the law regulating waste management in order to protect health and the environment by providing reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution and ecological degradation and for securing ecologically sustainable development; to provide for institutional arrangements and planning matters; to provide for national norms and standards for regulating the management of waste by all spheres of government; to provide for specific waste management measures; to provide for the licensing and control of waste management activities; to provid...