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NATURALLY DRAWNDrawing In Ink / Hand Sketched Hand Sketched TransitionWatercolor LessonHand Sketched TransitionWatercolor LessonDrawing In InkHand Sketched 3Get more at millikencarpetsamplestudio.com2Drawing In Ink in Shell Brown/Peppercorn (top) and Watercolor Lesson in Dungaree (bottom), ashlar tile installationINSPIRED. INSPIRING.“Art takes nature as its model.” AristotleFrom nature’s calendar to the artist’s studio, from the outside to the inside, creative minds have joined to create three designs drawn from nature and reinterpreted through artistic expression. Watercolor Lesson, Drawing In Ink, Hand Sketched and Hand Sketched Transition, each one lovingly crafted through its artist’s medium: watercolor, ink and pencil sketch. Four designs, each with a story to tell. 45Get more at millikencarpetsamplestudio.comWatercolor Lesson in Gulf Breeze, ashlar tile installation 76Hand Sketched in Gulf Breeze, ashlar tile installationDrawing In Ink in Gulf Breeze/Pacific Slope, ashlar tile in...