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ACS4 2000 INTERNATIONAL CONFEREYCE - HONG KONG CHINA Ili Neo-Colonial Architecture and the Neo-Architecture of Colonialism JOHN B. HERTZ Universidad de Puerto Rico INTRODUCTION: When architects and developers engage in global practice. the results can be more than inappropriate. Often they can inadvere ently reinforce cultural and economic colonization. A case in point is the tourist development beingcarriedout in the Condado district of San Juan. Here, the intention is toreplace the modern- ist icon, the Hotel LaConcha with aDisneyesque. neo-colonial. mission style mega-plex. Among theJustifications propounded by the development team is that this complex would be "more Puerto Rican." The irony is that this proposal replicates an invented style imposed on the Island after the SpanishAmerican conquest. The existing hotel. in contrast, represents the first efforts by local architects to develop an architecture truly appropriate to the Island. While it may use the vocabulary of modernism ...