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Video URL: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/videos/2733/Neutralizing-Competition-is-a-Speed-Game Transcript Neutralization means you know the world's progressing, competitors are innovating and now all of a sudden, it's my job toget back inside that yellow circle because I've kind of fallen out of favor. And I've got to at least -- I don't have to try to beat theblue asterisk. I just got to get my asterisk back inside, back in gears as it were. And so we're focused -- and once I get insidethere then I can talk about my differentiation, again, but if I'm missing -- if I'm still out here the market won't talk to me at all.They'll say, you're not even qualified to be in the conversation because you haven't met the minimum table stakes to be in thisgame. So failure to neutralize, there's some real cautionary tales on this one. So Microsoft brilliantly neutralized the Mac withWindows but Nokia, did you see the memo from Steven Elop a couple -- this was last month or the month before? There's ase...