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Eger Journal of English Studies VII (2007) 153–155New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind.BY NOAM CHOMSKY. Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2000. Pp. xvii, 230.Tímea FriedrichOver the last fifty years, Noam Chomsky has played a pivotal role in thedevelopment of modern generative linguistics and has provided the impetus for arecent evolution of linguistic theory, the Principles and Parameters approach,currently embedded within the Minimalist Program, an effort to investigate therole of deeper organizing principles in language design. Chomsky has also beena key figure in the development of cognitive science in general: his theory ofgenerative grammar was an important factor in the development of the cognitiverevolution of the 1950s (see Chomsky 2004b), and our current conception of theworking and the architecture of the mind owes much to ideas drawn from hiswork. Perhaps less widely known is Chomsky’s key role in analytic (Anglo-American) philosophy, though he has significant...