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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 28th, 2021 New Main Building of Tokyo‘s Imperial Hotel scheduled to be completed in 2036. Japanese Architect Tsuyoshi Tane appointed Design Architect Tokyo, Japan; October 28th, 2021: The Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Hideya Sadayasu) has announced it will adopt the design concepts of Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane of ATTA - Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects, currently based in France, for the construction of its new main building in Tokyo, scheduled to be completed in 2036. On March 25, this year, the management decided to implement a rebuilding plan for the Imperial Hotel Tokyo (main building / tower). Of these, the main building will be rebuilt from FY2031 to FY2036 (tentative), while the construction of a single Grand Hotel is planned. Imperial Hotel Tokyo Rebuilding Plan The Imperial Hotel opened in 1890 (Meiji Era 23) as a guesthouse receiving overseas guests under a national policy of the Meiji government, which promoted modern...