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NEW PUBLIC SPACE IN YOUTH’S EYES NEW PUBLIC SPACE IN YOUTH’S EYES AND THE POSSIBILITY OF A DREAM CITY AND THE POSSIBILITY OF A DREAM CITY THAT IS FREE, INCLUSIVE, AND EQUALTHAT IS FREE, INCLUSIVE, AND EQUAL1 / 6In the past years, commercial public spaces, be it shopping malls, markets, cafes, or coffee shops, have expanded and increased rapidly. Children and youth have come to occupy and use these spaces in almost all aspects from grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, reading for exams, to even working remotely on the internet. Unfortunately, these spaces often come with a cost and not everyone can utilize them. The questions are, thus: How does youth see this issue? To what extent do these public spaces respond to their needs? If not, what are ways to improve urban public spaces?Public Spaces in Youth’s EyesThe Child and Youth Media Institute (CYMI) has conducted a survey with 463 youths from all regions of the country on their perception of public spaces in various aspects, inc...