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New York State Workers’ Compensation Attorneys and Representatives Please contact your Union Representative before selecting an attorney. Your Union Local may have a relationship with a particular law firm that is familiar with issues faced by members of your union. For a Complete List of Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in New York State Go to the Website of The Injured Workers’ Bar Association at: http://www.injuredworkersbar.org/ Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in the New York City, Long Island and Lower Hudson Region (This list, however, in no way constitutes an endorsement or recommendation of any particular firm). Aronova & Associates Grey & Grey Queens: (516) 640-3900 Manhattan: (212) 964-1342 Long Island: (516) 640-3900 Queens: (718) 268-5300 Suffolk County: (631) 249-1342 Nassau County: (516) 249-1342 Brecher, Fishman, Pasternack, Heller, McIntyre, Donohue, Accardi, Salmonson Walsh & Tiker, P.C. & Riordan, LLP Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens: (212) 341-7900 (866) 557-7500 Bronx, St...