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NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION“You’d better smile when you say that, Pilgrim!” DEFINITIONA process whereby people, through the intentional or unintentional manipulation of normative actions and expectations, express experiences, feelings, and attitudes in order to relate to and control themselves, others, and their environments.(Hickson & Stacks, 1985) LINKS [RELATIONSHIPS]BETWEEN NONVERBAL AND VERBAL COMMUNICATION• Complementing• Conflicting [contradicting]• Substituting• Accenting NONVERBAL RULES• Nonverbal communication must be read in clusters.• Nonverbal communication is culture- specific. NONVERBAL CATEGORIES• Kinesics – body language• Oculesics [ocalics] – use of eyes• Proxemics – use of space• Haptics – touching behavior• Vocalics [paravocalics or paralanguage] not what you say but HOW you say it