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[email protected] COMMUNICATION: ANINFLUENTIAL TOOLFOR EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENTSudha MishraAssistant Professor, ASCENT,Amity University,Madhya Pradesh, IndiaABSTRACTWhile one can choose to shut off all the linguistic outlets of communication, it is impossible to circumvent thenon-verbal communication as the body keeps sending signals intentionally or subconsciously. It is,therefore, that thenon-verbal cues become a powerful toolforcontrolling, organizing, directing and coordinating in any field whichsignificantly involves interpersonal relationship and group dynamics. To be able to produce powerful messages throughone’s non-verbal signals and to beable to interpret non-verbal communication correctly are important skills one mustmaster for effective management and workplace relationship. The present paper attempts to establish the role ofnon-verbal communication in effective management.It examines the case specifically by keeping under review the fourareas of nonverbal co...