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Beware of persons whose bellies do not move when they laugh.—Chinese ProverbNONVERBAL COMMUNICATIONLEARNING OBJECTIVESAfter completing this chapter, you should be able to demonstrate mastery of the following learning outcomes:1. Define nonverbal communication, explain its metacommunicative nature, and discuss its functions and characteristics.2. Define and distinguish among the following kinds of nonverbal messages: kinesics, paralanguage, proxemics, haptics, artifactual communication and appearance, olfactics, color, and chronemics.3. Compare and contrast the nonverbal communication styles of men and women. 4. Distinguish between contact and noncontact cultures.5. Describe the impacts of media and technology on nonverbal messages.6. Identify steps you can take to improve your nonverbal effectiveness.150 6chapterPart II: Messages Part II: MessagesThe motion picture The Artist received the Oscar for Best Picture in 2012. This mostly silent black-and-white movie won the hearts of audienc...