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1/11/20181/5New statue building developed in AurangabadDierent scholars will answer dierent times of how many years have been completed for setting up aworld famous Veerul and Ajanta caves. But, three generations it is believed that the sculpt has beenmade. It was a long time that many of the unnamed artists got their hands together. But, now this long-running sculpture is being developed on the basis of robust robust technology at Aurangabad. TheGrinding Master has acquired the technology to develop a variety of sculptures with the help of robots.The company has named Gautam Buddha, Dr. Along with the statue of Abdul Kalam, the wooden idol of11 January 2018Now the sculpture is in thehands of robots!1/11/20182/5Ganpati has also been prepared by the robot. Idols have been made from various thermocols toJaisalmer stones.There is a big change in the speed of production while the large scale use of robots in Aurangabadindustry. Sameer Kelkar used to use sculptures with the help of the ro...