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1Social network Prof. Sudarshan Iyengar IITRopar12 weeks2Introduction to Internet of Things Prof. Sudip Misra IITKGP 12 weeks3Artificial Intelligence: KnowledgeRepresentation And Reasoning Prof. Deepak Khemani IITM 12 weeks4Patent Law For Engineers AndScientists Prof. Feroze IITM 12 weeks5Business analysis and data miningModeling using R Dr. Gaurav Dixit IITR 12 weeksDepartment of CSE & IT Proposed NPTEL CoursesList of Courses from Jan to April, 20181 Credit is equal to 4 week Course and 12 weeks courses are equivalent to 3 credit courses. Marking Scheme is as follows; Consolidated score=25% assignment score + 75% certification exam score. 8 weeks & 20 Hours course is having 2.5 hours of lecture per week. 12‐14 weeks & 40 Hourse course is equal to 3‐4 hours of lecture per weekFinal Score: 40‐59% " Successfully Completed"Final Score: 60‐89% " Successfully Completed with Elite Tag"Final Score: 90% above " Successfully Completed with Gold Medal"