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OCCASIONAL PAPERS OF THE MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN PUBLISIIED BY TI-IE UNIVERSITY RESULTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICI-IIGAN- WILLIAMSON EXPEDITION TO COLOMBIA 1916-1917~ In Occasio~lal Papers of the Museunl of Zoology, Number 59, June 24, 1918, I described a new dragonfly which, after some hesitation, was referred to the genus Agriogomphus, and the species was named lzavzatus. In that paper, page 3, I re- ferred to the fact that I had written to Dr. Ris to have a photograph made of de Selys' type, if this were possible. Fortt~nately through the kindness of Mons. Severin and Dr. Ris I now have this pl~otograph, and it is evident at once that the Agriogomphus of Needham, Ris and myself, has nothing 1 A Collecting Trip to Colombia, South America, Misc. Publ. Mus. of Zool., Univ. of Mich., No. 3, February, 1918. qI. Occ. Papers, Mus. of Zool. No. 52; 11, 1. c., No. 59 2 University of Michigan to do with the true Agriogomphus of de Selys. The species referre...