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OCCASIONAL PAPERS OF THE MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICI-IIGAN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESS A NEW SUBSPEClES OF THE TURTLE GEOL;A/lYDA RUBIDA (COPE) FROM WESTERN MEXICO BY ,JA~II.:s E. MOSIMANN AND ~130~~1~: R. KABB IN the hcipctological collcction ol the University of Michigan Museum 01 Zoology tllerc ale specimens ol the emydid turtle Geoenzyda rubzda (Cope) which repi-escnt a iorm hitherto undescribed. We wish to desig- nate this Geoemyda rubida perixantha, new subspecies (PI. I and Fig. 1) HOI,OTYI>L.-UMMZ 80336, an adult female collected 8 kilometeis solltll or Tccornan, Colima, Mexico, on July 13, 1935, by James A. Oliver. PAI<AIYPLS.-UMMZ 80335, data same as lor holotype; URilMZ 80337, Paso clcl Rio, Pergillo, Colima; UMMZ 104333, 9 kilometers south of Coahuayana, Micho,lcdn, UMMZ 104334, Point of San Juan de Linla, Michodcin; UNIMZ 104335, 2 milcs east of La l'lacita, Michoacin. I)IAGNOSIS.-A iorin diflering froin Geoemyda 7. rubzda as follows: iliarg~n...