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On Language and Connectionism:...http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~harnad/Papers/Py104/pinker.conn.html1 of 7920/04/2004 16.17On Language and Connectionism:Analysis of a Parallel Distributed Processing Model of Language AcquisitionSteven PinkerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAlan PrinceBrandeis UniversityAcknowledgementThe authors contributed equally to this paper and listed their names in alphabetical order. We are gratefulto Jane Grimshaw and Brian MacWhinney for providing transcripts of children's speech from the BrandeisLongitudinal Study and the Child Language Data Exchange System, respectively. We also thank TomBever, Jane Grimshaw, Stephen Kosslyn, Dan Slobin, an anonymous reviewer from Cognition, and theBoston Philosophy and Psychology Discussion Group for their comments on earlier drafts, and RichardGoldberg for his assistance. Preparation of this paper was supported by NSF grant IST-8420073 to JaneGrimshaw and Ray Jackendoff of Brandeis University, by NIH grant HD 18381-04 to ...